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Check a Digital Postmark

You can check free of charge any Digital Postmark issued by La Poste.

Test La Poste’s Digital Postmark service

To test La Poste’s Digital Postmark service, an evaluation kit allowing you to access to an evaluation platform has been developed.
This trial version has been designed to test functionalities offered by La Poste’s Digital Postmark.

To access to this evaluation kit, you must agree to La Poste’s terms and conditions as expressed in La Poste’s Test Agreement: this agreement does not make it mandatory for you to subscribe to the service. A copy of this Agreement is available in the “” section of this website.

Subscribing to La Poste’s Digital Postmark 

Timestamping package

This package includes timestamping, storage of evidence and data searches; it is available through prepaid packages that allow a limited number of transactions (queries). 

Advances services

Please Contact La Poste for a quote in line with your requirements concerning other Digital Postmark services (Validation of electronic signatures, postal signatures – with or without safekeeping of evidence – and data searches).