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Functions of La Poste

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La Poste, a recognized and reliable partner

Functions of La Poste

La Poste is a Timestamping Authority

You wish to benefit from a reliable time reference that is unchallengeable, always available, and accepted by your partners.
These qualities require the security and legitimacy that La Poste has acquired thanks to its permanent position as a traditional trustworthy partner.
La Poste has set up a highly secure internal structure and implements state-of-the-art practices. These elements have been incorporated into its Timestamping Policy.

Functions of La Poste

La Poste is a Validation Signature Authority

You wish to check the electronic signatures of a third party. How can you or your partners be sure of the result?
La Poste has established and controls the complete validation chain, in conjunction with certification authorities chosen for their quality, security, reliability and longevity. These measures are checked regularly as expressed in La Poste’s signature-validation policy.