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On 5th April 2006, the Universal Postal Union agreed to modifications in the Letter Post Regulations allowing the use of Digital Postmark as an interoperable service for the international postal community.

The latest version of the DPM standard (v1.15) was approved by the CEN, Conseil Européen de Normalisation in March 2006.

On 7th April 2006, the first digital postmark was produced by La Poste’s platform.

Digital postmark services have also been developed and commercialized in the United States, Canada, Portugal and Italy.

As a local government member: 

You need to have your decisions date stamped for legal-verification purposes.

As a company manager: 

You need to prove the date your soft-copy tenders were sent.You need to enforce the legal guarantees of your electronic files.

In the traditional world, the hand-stamped postmark on your mail allows you and your correspondents to know the date your mail was sent. 

In the digital world, La Poste can affix at your request an equivalent Digital Postmark to the documents you wish to send.
Hence, the integrity and date of all electronic documents sent
using La Poste’s Digital Postmark, in whatever form - text, image, audio or video - can be guaranteed.

Routing of an electronic document

In April 2006, the Universal Postal Union established the Digital Postmark as a fully fledged postal service and since then, has ensured interoperability between postal services the world over.

“Postal services now have the same policy, rules and international standardsfor the operation of the Electronic Stamp. These measures allow the postal community departments to develop public confidence in electronic services.”

La Poste’s Digital Postmark includes many reliable on-line services. These services enable you to constitute and manage the evidence you need from your electronic documents.

Time stampingTimes stamping enables you to obtain or affix a countermark (date/time stamp) guaranteed by La Poste or to check such a countermark. The timestamp produced conforms to standard rfc3161.

validationElectronic-signature validation ensures the authenticity of any electronic document checked by La Poste, especially through as it verifies the certificate used by the signatory.

postal signatureThe postal signature on your documents, means that they are placed under the seal of La Poste, thereby enabling you to check and/or prove that documents have not been altered. Combined with the timestamp, the signature provides a Digital Postmark that is recognized by all partners and users of La Poste.

safeguard of electronic evidenceThe safeguard and retrieval of electronic evidence enables you to manage the life cycle of such evidence : La Poste guarantees its integrity and secured access.

With the Digital Postmark, La Poste has positioned itself as a reliable and trusted third party, enabling all users of the electronic exchange platform to create and check their own evidence of date and authenticity whilste ensuring the highest legal juridical validity.