About La poste

La Poste and its Digital Postmark

Since 2002, La Poste’s Digital Postmark has been integrated in La Poste’s Electronic Registered Mail offer (LRE).

Following the success of this integration, La Poste now offers clients the possibility of using La Poste’s Digital PostMark directly, thus allowing La Poste to reinforce its probative and reliable offers.

La Poste’s Digital PostMark complies with UPU (Universal Postal Union) standards. It therefore follows worldwide recognized standards.

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Why choose La poste :

La Poste : a trusted and recognized partner  

La Poste’s Digital PostMark responds to essential needs from services and platforms using dematerialized exchanges.

Using its Digital Postmark, La Poste offers all exchange platforms the possibility of creating and verifying its own evidence, whilst guaranteeing maximum legal backing.

With its Digital Postmark , La Poste has positioned itself as a reliable trusted third party for all digital exchanges. As a Signature-Verification authority and a Timestamping authority, La Poste offers clients both sustainable and legitimate services.  

La Poste’s core postal business is adapting to a new and changing environment.