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Four services that guarantee your electronic documents

Time stamping

Time Stamping

You want to prove that an electronic document is in your possession at a certain date. La Poste affixes a certified and signed time countermark (rfc3161 timestamp) to your document, thereby creating a Digital Postmark.

La Poste can also: 
  • Verify a Digital Postmark. 
  • Safeguard and provide evidence of time stamping
Examples of use: 
  • Acknowledge receipt of a document – verify such  acknowledgements,
  • Certify that a document existed at a certain date (quote, invoice, electronic file, etc.) ,
  • Officially date the work of an author or artist (text, image, music, etc.) or inventions, to enforce a right of precedence. 

La Poste’s Digital  Postmark delivers trust

Electronic signature validation

Electronic Signature Validation 

You wish to verify the signature on a document you have received from a third party, but do not have the required verification tools. 

La Poste can verify for you the document’s digital signature  and the validity of the certificate provided by the authorities it recognizes. It can also append a certified time countermark to the outcome of such verifications.

Examples of use: 
  • verify that a received electronic document is official, 
  • authenticate a signature,
  • verify that a certificate has been created by a recognized authority, that it is not blacklisted, and that its validity has not expired,
  • extend the cryptographic life span of a signature.

La Poste releases you from  the computing and operational tasks required  to validate a signature.

The postal signature signature of a document

The postal sig The postal Signature of a 


You wish to detect or prove that an electronic document has been altered. La Poste applies its signature to the document. It can also link a certified timestamp to this operation.

Examples of use :
  • infrequent exchanges of documents in which the contents must remain authentic,
  • distinguish and trace a document category by a postmark (e-mail premium).

The signature of La Poste is proof of data integrity and frees you from having to run cryptographic software.

Safekeeping of evidence

Safekeeping of evidence

You wish to keep evidence in relation to your documents. La Poste safeguards them in a non-repudiation database and provides them to authorized users.

Examples of use :
  • to track a digital-driven procedure,
  • to ascertain whether a document has already been verified.

La Poste frees you from the safeguard and tracking of evidence