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The Universal Postal Union in brief

The UPU is a specialized institution from the United Nations organization (UN), with headquarters in Bern, the Swiss capital. It is the primary forum for cooperation between postal services.

As well as maintaining a truly global network offering the latest products and services, it sets the rules for international mail exchanges between its 190 member countries and makes recommendations to stimulate growth in mail volumes and to improve the quality of customer service.

Every year, 5 million employees process and deliver 430 billion letters via domestic mail and 6 billion via international mail , and more than 5.4 billion parcels.

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Technology CEP process

La Poste’s Electronic Stamp Services are available in ASP mode. Installation requires no specific hardware.

The service works by way of an exchange between the client application and a web service platform, accessible through the Internet or a leased line.

Via the HTTPS protocol, the exchanges are confidential and certified. The protected liaison requires X509 certificates for both the client and the server.

These exchanges are made using SOAP XML queries. The proposed services conform to the Digital Postmark S43 standard defined by the Universal Postal Union. They comply with access interfaces to “reliable electronic services” that have standardized throughout the international postal community.