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1 - Use of timestamping

To produce a timestamp, La Poste must either receive the file or its digital hash. In return, you will receive a timestamp attestation (Digital Postmark) signed by La Poste.
This attestationcontains a timestamp token rfc 3161.
You may ask La Poste to safeguard the Digital Postmark.

You can also ask La Poste to verify a timestamp that has already been produced, by either providing the Digital Postmark or asking La Poste to retrieve it from its database.
In this case, you will  be given the results of the verification.
You can ask La Poste to send you the resultant verification attestation or to safeguard it.

Principle of the date/time stamp use

2 - Use electronic-signature validation

To verify an electronic signature, the relevant file must be sent to La Poste accompanied by its electronic signature.
You will be given the result of this verification.
You can ask La Poste to verify the validity of the electronic certificate, to send you the verification results signed by La Poste, and have it safeguarded.

Verification of the electronic-signature by La Poste.

3 - Use of La Poste’s signature on a document

For a digital document to be given La Poste’s signature, the relevant file or simply its hash must be transferred to La Poste.
In return, you will receive the electronic signature of the document accompanied, if needed,  by a Digital Postmark, signed by La Poste.
At your request, La Poste can safeguard the Digital Postmark.

La Poste's postal signature on a document

4 - Use of evidence safekeeping

To access evidence held by La Poste, you can ask for the results of previous queries for which La Poste was asked to safeguard the findings. If you are registered and have clearance to make such a request, you will be given the result of your query.
You can ask La Poste to send you a timestamp attestation of the result, or have it held for safekeeping.

Search for a time-stamped document.